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    Texas plastic poker playing cards(PC02)
    Name : Texas plastic poker playing cards
    Art No.:YM-PC02
    Size :88*63*0.3mm,143g
    Material :100%PVC new material plastic
    Product color:two color can choose,blue and red
    Package:54 into a 300 grams carton+plastic
    1.100% brand new glossy plastic fancy characters printed plastic card legible in classical mythology;
    2. The material is water resistant folding card with the perfect cutting surface smooth smooth feel comfortable;
    3. The red and blue color to distinguish clearly confirms the international standard Texas Hold'em sided nature;
    4. beautifully packaged 10 a 100 a box lined Players Required!
    Trade Info:
    Trademark :Yangming
    Standard :Casino quality
    Origin : Guangzhou
    Production Capacity :100,000 Pcs
    Additional Information :
    1.The company also have baccarat electronic roadbill/bells/limit red card/card rake/brand shovel/dealer button plate/coded editor/dealer shoes/ USANA bee playing card/kinds of high grade anti-counterfeiting chip/other accessories,welcome to pick and buy !
    Texas plastic poker playing cards(PC02)
    POKER”, which contains two kinds of meaning in Chinese, the first is a common playing card, another refers to the name of a game.A deck of CARDS contains 54 CARDS, of which 52 is marked with real, is two cards (a great king and wang), that includes 4 kinds of color (spades, plum, red peach, square), the source of the four kinds of design and color have their unique stories, such as representatives of spades olive leaves, a symbol of the peaceful attitude, plum blossom is the clover, means lucky, square due to similar administrative diamonds, so the symbol of wealth, and finally to the shape of hearts of hearts, is symbol of wisdom and love.Each suit 1-10, combination diversity, play is protean, so to speak.About the source of the poker cards there is no specific 100% completely determined, the current page according to the historical evidence is likely to be the end of the 14th century was introduced into Europe from the kingdom of Egypt, also has is that first appeared in China, at least in 969 A.D. has emerged.Around in the 13th century, the precipitation of time after the game of CARDS, gradually evolved into a card, and then gradually formed a now we circulation of international card.
    Texas plastic poker playing cards(PC02)Texas plastic poker playing cards(PC02)Texas plastic poker playing cards(PC02)Texas plastic poker playing cards(PC02)Texas plastic poker playing cards(PC02)
    Texas plastic poker playing cards(PC02)
    "Playing cards", not only is one of the traditional paper making, there are a lot of material can be produced, Yang Ming entertainment professional to provide casino cards, Bee playing cards, plastic card printing production, can also according to your request for individual character card customized, reveal personality.
    From development, design, production and processing, one-stop card production enterprises, with advanced, complete, professional production line and high-end printing machine, process strictly monitored, the main foreign trade CARDS, imported poker, advertising poker, special poker site, etc, the paper is divided into three categories (domestic blue core paper, kohler imported black core paper, special double copper paper, Chinese paper), such as production, from material selection, combined with exquisite craft, all card product vertical stiffness, smoothness, folding, resolution touch feel loved by customers for a long time.As a poker card manufacturer with many years of production experience with high quality, we will continue to enterprising, dedicated for the majority of customers with good reputation, high quality products, and sincerely invite market, entertainment products supplier with good reputation from all walks of life to contact us, to reach a friendly relations of cooperation, let's continue to put the industry brilliant continue, open new professional brand manufacturers, welcome to inquire negotiate!