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    New Gaming Mouse Casino(MD02)
    Item Name :New Gaming Mouse Casino Table Wire Mouse Optical Mute Wired Mouse

    Model No.:YM-MD02

    Size :10*5cm

    Work: Photoelectric USB 2/ PS interface

    Weight :Net-9.2g Package 11.6g

    Package:Independent printing special cartons

    1. With the fit of ergonomic symmetrical design style, both sides of anti-slip sweat round hole, the appearance of simple lines, texture better;
    2. No jump frame, no delay, DPI can be automatically adjusted, long line source, the use of long distance;
    3. comfortable pulley with sensitive buttons, careful needle light, the operation of mobile sound, accurate positioning, affordable and durable;
    4. Commonly used in matching entertainment table electronic road single system, office game good partner;

    Trade Info:
    Trademark :Yangming
    Standard :Casino quality
    Origin : Guangzhou
    Production Capacity :100,000 Pcs

    Additional Information:
    Our company provides all kinds of casino security RFID poker chips、casino poker table、casino playing cards casino table layout,and personal custom casino supplies services,professional manufacturer, guarantee the original factory production, quality here we are ,welcome to inquire order!
    New Gaming Mouse Casino(MD02)New Gaming Mouse Casino(MD02)Baccarat in Italian means "0", originated in a card game, popular in Europe around the casino!
    Introduced by Mr Yip hon Baccarat from America in the 20th century Macau, and for the a with Oriental color name - baccarat pleasures.The application of the world's big entertainment stage desk electronic software system, the overall reflect the direction of the match record and direction, development, general layman shout "road", the professional players will among them is divided into: bead plate road, the road, large seed road, lane, the player can according to match performance records were analyzed, and master the regular pattern of them increase profit opportunities, to make bets and predict the game as a result, the traditional record player is made of special paper, advanced development the system interface, compared to traditional record is more convenient, intuitive, more popular with the player.
    New Gaming Mouse Casino(MD02)
    New Gaming Mouse Casino(MD02)
    New Gaming Mouse Casino(MD02)