Dezhou poker table maintenance process:

1, see

  The first step is careful observation of the structure in different parts of numbers to facilitate the subsequent installation, demolition attention to maintain the integrity of the Dezhou poker table, in accordance with the installed poor instead of the order of the Dezhou poker table apart, avoid damage Dezhou poker table film and the formation of a new damage. Some commonly known as "juehu live" ancient folk poker table because of its special structure and techniques used in the production, may damage the components structure, so try to maintain the status quo. Do not disassemble.

2, wash
  When cleaning, Dezhou poker table is not easy to get, so high power blower is the best way to remove dust and soil. For the adhesion of the parts above the cement slurry, asphalt, chemical paint and other modern waste, the physical means of removal is preferred, such as fine knife scraping and grinding, as far as possible not to use chemical cleaning. In decided not to retain the original paint, use special brush, edges flush, stubborn dirt can add a little edible alkali modulation of lye. Glue, mud stains etc. the tenon need hot water immersion to clean. Washed the old Dezhou poker table to be dry for more than a week, otherwise the water swelling, open after the tenon is difficult to recover.
3, to paint
  Fine sandpaper grinding gently, the hard part using the knife. To paint can not be destroyed when the original carved part, such as desks Dezhou poker table leg common "a stick of incense" moulding. After a long time of natural weathering, fragile, once worn away, unless moulding restructuring don't like, otherwise it will become permanently damaged.
4, finishing
  Repair the old, such as the old craftsmen are the highest "heart law", the same color of the old material will be a complete repair. Even if the condition is not allowed, but also try to use the wood texture is similar to the color of a lighter material instead of. Parts of the sculpture is the most difficult to repair, after the loss of pattern, need to use the same style repair, and each period, each local craftsmen techniques but not the same, even using the same material, discerning eye can also see the flaw, moreover mostly carved and the site of injury is due to components is too thin, once local decay or post collision retained only the incomplete beauty.
5, maintenance
  Dezhou poker table of wood texture and texture, is the most beautiful Puso Mi. Grinding burr on the surface of the wood, is to show the nature of the "patina" effect. It refers to the high quality wood is used for a long time, formed on the surface of a layer of moist jade light, becomes bright.
  Poker table manufacturers to remind, maintenance and processing is also looking at the quality of the poker table, so buy, please choose the quality assurance of the manufacturers.