Laser anti-counterfeit, fluorescence anti-counterfeiting, forgery of magnetic, temperature changing anti-counterfeiting, special plate making and printing is currently often used in anti-counterfeiting technology, these technologies within a period of time certain extent plays a security role, but so far the anti-counterfeiting technology is not perfect, unable to effectively stop counterfeiting acts. Only RFID chip chip anti-counterfeiting technology can really solve the security!
  The exploration and application of the anti fake technology of RFID chip will not only bring direct economic benefits to the enterprise, but also help to improve the management efficiency and reduce the operation cost. My company early in 2009 began contact to explore the research and design of RFID technology, development, application, program, the company is committed to build a RFID chip security chip flagship brand, dedicated to the development of software system for enterprises to provide counter chip security service solutions. Using the silicon crystals, commonly known as "memory chip" global storage only 24 bit number, 24 bit number digital information into brand profile picture, consumers through the mobile phone download software application "paste core treasure standard" (stick core treasure "is our company independently developed professional security check software) or by reading the Bluetooth mobile phone and Bluetooth card device (the size of a business card, 5mm thick) docking, reading the chip brand data to verify the authenticity of. Counterfeiters unable to know chip digital combination information, no fake, so RFID chip chip anti-counterfeiting is today the only those fake nemesis!
  RFID (Frequency Identification Radio) is a kind of automatic identification technology. It can identify the target by wireless radio frequency communication. RFID is applied to the security is the minimum chip affixed to the required security items, the use of radio frequency technology to transfer the memory of the chip to the system terminal to identify, is currently a hot research. The information input and processing can be completed without direct contact, and the operation is convenient and quick. As a wireless version of the bar code, RFID technology with bar codes do not have waterproof, antimagnetic, high temperature resistance, long life, reading distance, tag data can encryption, it has larger data storage capacity, storage information freely change etc. advantages, has been recognized worldwide as one of the most important technologies in this century. In production, retail, logistics, transportation, and other various industries and other industries has a broad application prospect.
One of the most basic RFID systems generally includes the following parts:
  1, containing the target information related to the RFID tags in the reader and the RFID unit RF signal transmission between the antenna
  2, receive the RF signal returned from the RFID unit and transmit the decoded data to the host computer system for processing the read and write device.
  Electronic tags, antennas, readers, and hosts can be integrated into a whole, or integrated into a small number of components. Different manufacturers have their own different integration methods. (in addition to the above basic configuration, but also should include the corresponding application software).
  Because RFID application level has become more and more popular, has gradually become the enterprises to improve logistics and supply chain management, reduce costs, enterprise information management, participation international economy big circulation, enhance the competitive ability indispensable technical means, the United States, Japan, and Singapore, South Korea and other countries therefore are explicitly listed as national key development projects.