Tircks of the tie
The tie bet in baccarat is something that has always been a bone of contention.
Is it a good bet or is it a bad bet?
Some would argue that any wining bet is a good one.
You could go further and say that any winning bet playing 8 to 1 is spectacular!The is not a silly premise. If intuition tells you the next hand will be a tie and you get lucky,that’s a great reward for following your instincts.The fact that winning tie bets are paid at 8 to 1 is exactly why they seem so attractive.
But it is also worth looking at the tie bet from a methematical prespective .Every experienced gambler knows that baccarat’s banker and player bets are two of the best bets in the casino.This means the odds are stackded in your favor compared to most other table games.
  Banker is actually a slightly better bet than player ,winning 45.84% of hands and allowing a tiny 1.06% house edge compared to player’s 44.62% win percentage and 1.23% house edge.
So does the tie bet offer similary good value?Unfortunately not.In fact ,even if you were to get odds of 9 to 1 you would still be better off mathematically putting your money on banker or player instead.
 This is because,despite paying out at 8 to 1,the tie bet will only come in 9.54% of the time-worse than 10 to 1.With the house enjoying a hefty 14.36% edge,suddendly that 8 to 1 pay for the tie doesn’t look so enticing!
This is not to say that you can’t bet the from time to time . For recreational players in particular it’s a great way to add a bit of fun and excitement to your session-and who knows?Sit down at the right time and you might just happen upon a sequence of winning tie bets.As you know ,luck is all about timing!
If you’re there for a good time and simply enjoy trying to predict when the tie is going to fall,then who are we to stop you?Just be aware that if you get into the habit of betting on the tie over a long period of time it is going to get very expensive ,very soon.
 There is one situstionm,however,where the tie bet offers strategic significance.In baccarat tournaments,the very last hand of the shoe is both dramtic and crucial.Is is probably more important than all the preceding hands put together!The correct last-hand strategy for almost every possible set of circumstance involves a tie bet.In the cutthroat situation of playing a one-hand tiebreak playoff-baccarat’s equivalement of a penatly shootout in football-a tie bet with no bet on banker or player can be a sneaky and effective way to gain a big edge over your opponent.
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Smokeing in Macau casinos
Smoking in Macau’s hotels and casinos is heavily restricted and those restrictions are only going to get tigther over the next few years.In 2012,the Macau goverment passed a law that banned smoking in most indoor public places.
Casinos were offered some exemption from the new law,with up to 50% of their gaming floor space allowed to be designated smoking zones .However ,this law was changed again in 2014,with smoking banned comoletely from all main gaming floor areas.The exceptions are VIP areas and smoking lounges ,where smoking is currently allowed.
In Jully 2017,Macau’s Legislative Assembly passed a new law that will require all casinos to install smoking lounges in VIP areas by 1 January 2019,when smoking will be banned from all areas that have gaming tables or electronic gaming machines.
These smoking lounges will also have to meet strict technical cirteria,including the use of a negetive pressue system, a single entrance with automated sliding doors and  an alarm that sounds a warning if the doors remain open for more than one minute.