1, need to build Dezhou poker chips, the normal needs of 10 to 5 days
  2, custom needs to understand the specific style (to understand the very clear, because different styles vary greatly, the price is not the same, if you do not like it, regret is not used.)
  Which year style
  Choose what material, what anti-counterfeiting technology.
  In total, there are a few face value
  Each face value to a few numbers
  Whether to add your own signature and LOGO.
  Can find a more beautiful picture on the Internet to the designer reference.
Customized special Dezhou poker chips process: (after all the notes in the note inside)
  1, to determine what the requirements of the material. For example, clay or ceramics or other.
  2, determine the style. The strength of the manufacturers can provide a few models for you to choose from.
  3, to determine the anti-counterfeiting technology.
For example:
  1, the total number of chips to order
  2, the shape of each chip, the choice of square or round, which chips with a square, which is round.
  3, Dezhou poker chips in the middle of the choice of what pattern.
  4, the pattern is the choice of ready-made or independent design? If it is off the shelf, which pattern to choose, or to add LOGO.
  5, the best confirmation artwork to begin production.