Since June last year, the United Kingdom held a referendum after the referendum, when Britain took off Europe, in what way the EU has been the focus of public concern, we have speculated.

British Prime Minister Teresa May, 17, delivered a speech in London, the United Kingdom to explain the specific plan to take off europe. She said that after the removal of the United Kingdom will strengthen border control and legal control, while the United Kingdom will withdraw from the European common market, but still hope that the gradual plan to implement the future EU relations with Europe after the removal.

How much do you know about Europe?

British Prime Minister Teresa May given a clear road map of Europe, Britain will withdraw from the European common market.

How much do you know about Europe?

Teresa May said in his speech: "I am not able to put forward the proposal (to Britain) as a member of the European common market." She said that Britain will seek to sign a free trade agreement with the EU, this agreement will Britain and the EU Member States to maximize the protection of trade liberalization, let British enterprises enjoy "maximum freedom in the operation of the EU members when". Accordingly, EU companies in the UK will also receive the same treatment activities.

Teresa May stressed that the UK will be as an independent state with the EU's "friends and allies" to deal with, not to the EU's "half members" and "associate members" or "other half, leaving half" identities.

"We're not in the exit with some members of entitlements," Teresa Mei said, "we will not do that, Britain to leave the EU, my task is to get the British suitable agreement."

Teresa May warned that if the EU member states in the UK and Europe sought after setting punitive tariffs on Britain, it will be "catastrophic self destructive behavior".

"I have to say is that Britain wants to continue to do the good friend and neighbor, some people asked through a" disciplinary agreement "to punish Britain and warned other countries not like Britain (exit)," she said, "this destructive behavior disastrous can also harm the EU, but not friends the practice of Britain will not accept."

In the United Kingdom will remain in the EU customs union, Teresa Mei did not stand, she said he hoped that the United Kingdom can reach a tariff agreement with the EU countries, but did not give more details. Will control the entry of European immigrants to the United kingdom.

In his speech, Teresa May stressed that the removal of Europe means that Britain must regain control of the border, control the number of immigrants into the United Kingdom, but she also stressed that the United Kingdom will welcome European citizens.

She said, "Europe" will not allow the United Kingdom to become an "inward" country, on the contrary, the UK will therefore look into the world, to become a truly global britain".

She said, "the British decided to take off in Europe" may not be understood in some European allies, many people worry about the other members to follow Britain withdraw from the EU, and even lead to the disintegration of the EU, "let me make it clear that we do not want this to happen. This is not in the best interest of the uk". She said that the British government and the EU's "off Europe" agreement will eventually be passed by the British Parliament vote.

How much do you know about Europe?

Teresa Mei's speech outlines the objectives and principles of the United Kingdom in the negotiations with the EU in the hope that the British media as she took office, the most important speech".

Public opinion, Teresa may use the speech to the EU showed a tough attitude, completely ruled out the earlier part of the British politicians to support the "soft off Europe" (that is, to give up part of the boundary conditions of sovereignty, to allow the immigration cost in the common market) scheme.

In June last year, the British referendum decided to withdraw from the EU, when Prime Minister David Cameron announced his resignation. As the prime minister Teresa Mei repeatedly said it will ensure that Britain agreed with the relationship correctly, and announced before the end of March this year launched the "Treaty of Lisbon" in fiftieth, formally with the European Union launched the "exit" negotiations. At the moment, the pound hit the biggest gain in 08 years, Teresa may use the speech to outline the objectives and basic principles of Britain wants to achieve in negotiations with the European Union, the British media "as the most important since she took office in a speech".
How much do you know about Europe?

During the speech, Teresa Mei pound against the dollar was up 1.8% to $1.228. Pound against the euro rose to 1.148 euros, up nearly 1%. Beijing time on January 17th 21:10 points, the pound against the U.S. dollar reported $1.232, or 2.74%, a record high since January 6, 2017, or the highest since the year of 2008.

How much do you know about Europe?