In order to further strengthen the staff of friendship, unity and cohesion of the spirit of enterprise, the company headquarters staff organized a Guangdong Yangjiang two day tour in the hot July chowhound.

The journey with full of vigor and vitality of the team set off, and a road filled with a festive atmosphere, after nearly 4 hours, finally came to the long-awaited destination.

The first place is Zhapo town bighorn Bay, Cape Bay scenic area is located in Guangdong city of Yangjiang Zhapo town southeast, is the most famous scenic spots in Hailing Island, the three peaks of arch support, facing the vast South China Sea, the beach is 2.5 km long, 100 meters wide, because like a horn, named "big horn bay". The four is a China famous tourist attractions, backed by green ridge, his nature to the sun, look on the beach, seafood is famous in the world, Hailing Island is the most famous scenic spots. After lunch, the partners can't wait for reaching the beach tour, "Water Wars", sometimes screaming, cheering and sometimes, at this moment, A fighting spirit soars aloft., we put down the daily busy work, the troubles of life, seems to be immersed in the joy of laughter.
The afternoon of fierce "Water Wars" after, came to the seaside night velvet goldmine. The sea breeze blowing, gorgeous fireworks, resplendent with variegated coloration beautiful singing, laughter of the crowd, the city immediately greeted.

The beauty of the full moon, impromptu held a personality and lively party party in many games, friends in high spirits, full, we laugh trance back to the light of heart from care of childhood. After the excitement of the game we lit the passion of the fire, as if the moment came to the exotic places, we are holding hands around the fire while singing and dancing. The party in the laughter in the perfect end. Happy time flows away quickly, the brilliant two day tour to the end of this activity, not only enrich the colorful culture activities, but also stimulate the staff's confidence and cohesion of the struggle forward force and fighting force and a sense of belonging.