In 2016 Chinese District unlimited Dezhou poker tournament came again this year, will be who? We are keen to see!

2016 Chinese (Sanya) Poker Championship (hereinafter referred to as "2016WPT Chinese race"), scheduled for October 28, 2016 -11 month 3 days in Sanya Chinese kicked off the event will last three days, the final will be strength in November 2nd.

As one of the world's top poker tournament in Asia's first set of races, WPT Chinese tournament has undoubtedly become China Asia once a year Dezhou poker competition Carnival festival. Worthy of attention is the master, this year coincides with the 5 anniversary of the landing WPT Chinese, in addition to the main event, the organizers will also bring parallel events --- "WPT Chinese heavyweight tournament 5 Anniversary Tour", for various sports enthusiasts guozuying poker.

It is reported that the event is scheduled to begin in October 30th, divided into Day1A, Day2, Day1B and Day3 for four days, in addition to harvest bonuses, tournament champion will receive WPT Chinese gold bracelet, winning high honor. In setting up the rules, the blind time since Day2, from 45 minutes up to 60 minutes, giving the player more thinking space and their opportunities.

In addition, October 28th - 31, will also be in the event of the daily opening of a WPT China tournament 5 anniversary of the satellite game".

2016WPT China race schedule


Two heavyweight tournament parallel, WPT China tournament Carnival upgrade! At the same time, the All Star Hunter Tournament, beauty and beast race, such as the theme of the additional match will debut WPT China, seven days of exciting. Not the same way, in the test of the strength of each player at the same time, but also to more competitive interest in germany.

At present, 2016WPT Chinese race online audition is "OurGame poker world fiery, in which there is a chance to win the main tournament, went to Sanya to join the annual carnival, feel competitive poker top charm!

The day before the event organizers announced OurGame, the Swiss top watch brand HUBLOT Hublot watch brand for the tournament's official title, will also receive an additional one Hublot thin hollow titanium watch classic fusion.