Dezhou poker is one of the most popular forms of poker in the world. Each table has a 2-10 game player in the game of cards, usually for 52 regular cards, game player by hand has the largest (brand portfolio) or become a sort of game player only not out in the other game player cards to win all the letters.
Poker location

Dealer / button
On the card table, the dealer / button is used to distinguish between all other locations. The game in the clockwise direction, from sitting in the dealer / left position of the game player start button.
Sitting in the small blind and big blind note position of the player is to sit at the moment of the dealer / button on the left side of the player. They are required to put in the prescribed amount of money before opening the card (blind note).
Action: follow note, filling, or seal
Blind note bet after each table game player will share two cards (face down card / pocket cards). Then the player must begin to act:
They or with note (with the same amount of the big blind note), filling (increase bet amount), or seal card (turn a face down to the dealer, and lost the qualification play back)
Public card face up placed in the table, used in combination to all make the best possible card game player (the hand). The first bet after the five public card in front of the three public card is placed on the table, the three card is a flop form.
Second bet: over card, filling or seal
  In the three public license issued after the previous bet back without a card player once again action. In addition to the players in addition to the card or card, there are cards (do not have to bet can still be in the Bureau) of the options.
  After the rest of the player's action is completed, the fourth public card (turn) will be issued to. And then the players began to participate in the third bet. They can choose a card, a filling, or a seal.
The river
  At the end of the third bet, fifth were issued to the public signs called river. The last public sign marks the beginning of the last bet. In the last time, the player can choose to have a card, add, or seal.
A showdown
In the game the last bet after the occurrence of two or more game player in the pool, in the board game player must play their cards to see who has the biggest hand combination. Has the largest hand (the largest sort consists of cards and public card cards combination) the game player to win the color pool.
Poker game form
  Poker game is divided into three groups: single table, multi table, as well as cash game. All three groups will follow the same basic poker rules and regulations; however, they are often changed during the operation of the operation. Therefore, it is very important for the poker player to know the difference between the form of each game and the other.
  Most of the single table - and multi table poker game, players usually have to pay admission fees, which makes the game at the beginning of the game players have the same number of starting chips. A certain percentage of the entry fee will be used as a management fee to enter the casino and poker field, and the remaining will be put into the overall prize pool, used to reward players who win in different games.
   Cash games, on the other hand, occur in a single table game, and as long as the participants are still playing games at the same time, then the game will continue to go on. And the blind note level (the note that the player must be in before the start of the game) is the same. Those who do not have a lot of time to spend on their hands and those who do not want to play a game for a long time to find the form of the game is very good. Because, here, no matter what they want to do when they are allowed to join and leave the table at any time.
  Finally, a form of the game called full play game (sit-n-go), when all the tables are full of game player position starting immediately before the end of play until only a game player when. In the course of the cash game, the blind note level of the game is filled with a regular rise.
Bet limit
  Limit, a poker term, usually refers to how much money can be invested in a game, can be divided into three categories: the provisions of restrictions, restrictions on the color pool, or no limit.
   In the provisions of the Dezhou poker game, each player is allowed to add only the specified amount of note code. In the limited pool game, the player bet is strictly limited to the amount of the big blind bet and the amount of the color pool between the specifications. However, in an unlimited amount of games, there is a willingness to venture into a larger amount of players may feel very satisfied, because in this game players almost free to invest any amount of.
  The minimum bet is usually set to the same amount as the big blind bet. In the game, the maximum amount of bets (big blind note level) in the specified time will be increased, and the bottom note (before the opening of the card, all players must be under the blind note) will be introduced in the rules of the game.

Finally had to say, Dezhou poker play in some places there is a small difference. So we must pay attention to the rules of the place.