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    Deck card vault ( DM01)
    Name : Deck card vault
    Art No.:YM-DM01
    Size :170*110*75mm
    Material :PVC
    Weight :230g
    1. Full Featured thick transparent acrylic, durable material, can be placed eight cards, small size, large capacity;
    2. The opening of the Ad Hoc disposable shoe dongle piece set, insert the locking plate, immediately protection, better protect the card to prevent leakage, play a very good security role for a variety of card games and entertainment;
    Trade Info:
    Trademark :Mingrui
    Standard :Casino quality
    Origin : Guangzhou
    Production Capacity :100,000 Pcs
    Additional Information:
    Our company provides all kinds of casino security chips、casino poker table、casino playing cards,and personalization custom、entertainment supplies services,professional manufacturer, guarantee the original factory production, quality here we are ,welcome to inquire order!
    Deck card vault ( DM01)Deck card vault ( DM01)Deck card vault ( DM01)Deck card vault ( DM01)