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    1 Deck dealer shoes (DS07)

    Name :1 Deck dealer shoes

    Art No.:YM-DS07

    Size :13.4*9.1*7cm

    Material :Acrylic

    Weight :188g

    Package:Carton independent packaging

    1. Special mini-card licensing, can be placed a card, wide card can be used;

    2. Texas game for licensing, wide card / bridge / card / plastic card can be applied to this product;

    3. Featured special black acrylic quality workmanship, the card smooth and smooth, durable;

    Trade Info:
    Trademark :Yangming
    Standard :Casino quality
    Origin : Guangzhou
    Production Capacity :100,000 Pcs

    Additional Information:
    Our company provides all kinds of casino security chips、casino poker table、casino playing cards,and personalization custom、entertainment supplies services,professional manufacturer, guarantee the original factory production, quality here we are ,welcome to inquire order!1 Deck dealer shoes (DS07)1 Deck dealer shoes (DS07)
    About the dealer shoes, often used to stage desk game of cards with matching accessories, the dealer breed diversity, design is various, with transparent, opaque, pure black, electronic smart dealer and so on the many kinds of style, function is roughly same, Yang Ming entertainment professional manufacturer for entertainment special dealer, material selection, strict production process, finished product packaging one-stop production service, set the high-end market integrate high quality resources, production companies from the dealer, material quality, convenient operation, long service life, safe and stable, and other characteristics of the real entertainment supplies brand manufacturers, to provide you with comprehensive resource of the dealer.

    1 Deck dealer shoes (DS07)1 Deck dealer shoes (DS07)1 Deck dealer shoes (DS07)
    At present the common dealer in the industry have a transparent dealer, translucent dealer, the dealer black and intelligent electronic dealer, with 8 poker cards can be placed, dealer licensing partner best.More adapt to the market demand, combined with the latest technology at home and abroad, continuously introducing high-tech talent, self-developed a variety of controllable intelligent dealer, all pass strict testing and marketing practice, effect is stable, by the broad masses of customers praise and recognition.As a professional entertainment supplies manufacturer to continuous innovation, to cater to the market development, to produce more and more high quality entertainment products dealer, combined with fashion, industry characteristics, to push the dealer development to a new peak, import and export are exported to all over the world, to create a high quality of high-end market.We will continue to enterprising, dedicated for the general customers to provide more high-quality products and services for the purpose, and sincerely invite market, entertainment products supplier with good reputation from all walks of life to contact us, to reach a friendly relations of cooperation, let's continue to put the industry brilliant continue, open new professional brand manufacturers, welcome to inquire negotiate!

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