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    Handy UV light(CE01)
    Name :Handy UV light
    Art No.:YM-CE01
    Size :L-19.2cm,W-5.8cm
    Weight :0.45g,Adding Styrofoam packaging upgrade, increase the protection, security!
    Material: brushed aluminum + 7.5V power supply Plug and Play
    1 selected special brushed metal build, design fit the curvature of the human hand, feel smooth and delicate, lightweight materials, easy to carry;
    2. Product comprehensive hardware upgrade, the original transparency slides upgraded to refract light purple sheet and increase small lamp housing, and instantly improve the overall appearance, power coil growth, reduce tension retraction, compared to older better, more stylish!
    3. For entertainment counterfeit chips, banknotes and other security verification, Showbiz tables with the best companion;
    Trade Info:
    Trademark :Yangming
    Standard :Casino quality
    Origin : Guangzhou
    Production Capacity :100,000 Pcs
    Additional Information:
    The company also have baccarat electronic roadbill/bells/limit red card/card rake/brand shovel/Dealer button plate/coded disc/card boots/ USANA bee playing card/kinds of high grade anti-counterfeiting chip/other accessories,welcome to pick and buy!
    Handy UV light(CE01)
    Handy UV light(CE01)Handy UV light(CE01)
    Handy UV light(CE01)

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