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    Casino dedicated Dealer box(SH02)
    Name :Casino dedicated Dealer box(For 6 decks playing cards)
    Art No.:YM-SH02
    Size :170*120*113mm
    Material :Crylic+metal (with lock)
    Weight :740g
    1. special thick acrylic, strong and solid and durable material, can be placed six cards, slide-open design, simple and easy to operate;
    2. shoe locking metal opening means, make your safer place cards, play a very good anti-theft function, widely used for a variety of card games and entertainment;
    Trade Info:
    Trademark :Yangming
    Standard :Casino quality
    Origin : Guangzhou
    Production Capacity :100,000 Pcs
    Additional Information:
    The company also have baccarat electronic roadbill/bells/limit red card/card rake/brand shovel/Dealer button plate/coded disc/card boots/ USANA bee playing card/kinds of high grade anti-counterfeiting chip/other accessories,welcome to pick and buy!
    Casino dedicated Dealer box(SH02)
    Casino dedicated Dealer box(SH02)Casino dedicated Dealer box(SH02)
    Casino dedicated Dealer box(SH02)

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