Item Name: New Design Half Round  Custom Blackjack Poker Table Manufacture Casino Table With Standard Poker Chip

Model No.:YM-BJ03
Size: 2400*1200*800mm
Matertail: High-density fiberboard, semi-circular stainless steel Fender
Color :Color of the table,PU leather,table cloth layout can be customized
Delivery Details :Shipped in 20 Workdays After the Payment Deposit
Package:Composite board casino poker table carton
1. Table size for different countries players like, a high degree of structural comfort, consider more comprehensive more intimate;
2. Wallpapers use professional three anti-tablecloths, highly waterproof, non-wrinkled, durable, and provide Logo design customization services;
3. Handrail package built-in high-quality thickening elastic sponge, soft and hard moderate, pressure recovery rebound fast, comfortable touch;
4. Runway, Taiwan feet use special high-density fire board, not easy to deformation, wood grain style can be customized, with arbitrary;
5. Countertop runway can be based on the venue customers, players preferences, increase the device cups, ashtrays, so that the game process more fun;
6. Original production, manufacturing processing delicate and exquisite, affordable, quality assurance.Trade Info :
Trademark :Yangming
Standard :Casino quality
Origin : Guangzhou
Production Capacity :100,000 Pcs
Additional Information :
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