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    Retro European solid wood chair(DK15)
    Name :Retro European solid wood chair
    Art No.:YM-DK15
    Size :Total height 106*700mm, seat position: 600mm
    Material :Birch with armrest 
    Weight :Integrated packaging kg
    Package:Individual packaging (two pieces per case)
    Customized instructions: specific details, please contact customer service
    Care instructions: avoid direct sunlight, petrol or acid-base chemicals in direct contact with the daily use of clean soft and clean cloth can be stubborn stains can be used toothpaste or 30% clean thinner.
    1. The overall shape of the use of European-style palace, calm and noble quality of deep breath, highlight the extraordinary taste;
    2. High-grade selection of high-grade soft orange leather surface, bright color and delicate, the overall appearance of the ultimate luxury;
    3. Special wooden material strong solid, good load-bearing capacity, to ensure that the deformation is not easy, chair legs can be installed to move metal carpet pulley, sliding quiet and smooth;
    4. Internal high-density sponge, the details of the treatment process Exquisite contact soft, so that the back can relieve stress, dirt easy to clean,
    5. Factory direct custom leather to provide customized styles and diverse, so you buy more desirable, more satisfied;
    6. Package Details (Insert Package)
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    Trademark :Yangming
    Standard :Casino quality
    Origin : Guangzhou
    Production Capacity :10,000 Pcs
    Additional Information:
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    Retro European solid wood chair(DK15)Retro European solid wood chair(DK15)Retro European solid wood chair(DK15)
    Retro European solid wood chair(DK15)