Name :Korean oak chairs
Art No.:YM-DK02
Size :920mm
Material :Oak+PU+sponge
1. The chair frame material - to create products with high-grade oak, high temperature baking, rigorous process, and finally the use of polymer coating to form a good protective layer, to achieve efficient anti-moth, decay and durable.
2. The surface material - polyurethane PU leather products, the natural leather two, three leather interior, defective leather with a special process for processing film die at the surface of the leather cover is made of PU surface layer, so that the leather surface showing a variety of colors, a variety of patterns, and yet breathable leather, the advantages of folding, in appearance and waterproof performance has its own uniqueness.
3. cushion material - elastic foam products using high-density, high hardness, small voids, flexible, quick recovery, not damaged, the hard with the soft, tired sedentary, non-toxic and harmless, etc., the use of more safe and secure.
4. Material leather - products using green paint, no release of toxic odors, bright color, not falling, use more confidence.
Our product is used in picture are taken in kind, due to the cameras, monitors and light, do not rule out some color photographs, are normal, to prevail in kind.
Trade Info:
Trademark :Yangming
Standard :Casino quality
Origin : Guangzhou
Production Capacity :100,000 Pcs
Additional Information:
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